Sangklaburi Child Protection Project @ Town

The Sangklaburi Safe House, established in 1992, is a community health-based residential facility in Sangklaburi, Thailand.  The Safe House serves as a treatment clinic for displaced and stateless people who suffer from HIV/AIDS, mental health issues and terminal illnesses.

It provides a facility for long-term treatment, rehabilitation and vocational training.  The Branch Foundation supported child protection at the Sangklaburi Safe House from January 2010 through December 2011.

For additional information about the Sanklaburi Safe House, please view their website.

Welfare and Poverty Relief

The Branch Foundation supported the implementation of child protection principles within Thailand and Sangklaburi.   This support was being provided at the coal face where people were living in an environment where they had little or no rights and no health care or welfare systems to help break the cycle.

The Branch Foundation directly supported a family of five at the Sangklaburi Safe House.  In order to keep the family—particularly the children— in a secure environment, we provided food relief until the family was self-reliant, medical assistance, education and school supplies for the children and income generation through weaving support.

Through true capacity building The Branch Foundation reduced funding until the family was able to live independently. They now have jobs, are financially and emotionally independent and  their children have access to a future filled with education and activities that promote child development.