Opportunity for Poor Children Thailand @ Mae Hong Son Town

Opportunity for Poor Children Thailand (OPC) is a Thai orphanage and learning centre located in Mae Hong Son near the Thai-Burma Border. Founded in 2002, the centre provides shelter, security and education for many migrant Burmese children. The Branch Foundation supported the OPC from July 2007 through December 2008, at which point there were 24 children living at the orphanage.


The Branch Foundation supported OPC’s commitment to youth education by providing funding for school supplies and toiletries for 6 AIDS orphans living in the smaller villages outside the OPC community. We also provided 6 months of wages for one orphanage caretaker and funded 24 pairs of school uniform socks for the children.

Welfare and Poverty Relief

During our 18-month partnership with OPC, we provided the orphanage with funding for basic needs such as raincoats, t-shirts and sandals for the children. We raised funds to build 2 bridges linking the OPC office to the children’s shelter. The Branch Foundation also dedicated in-field time and resources to OPC by helping the organisation with report and proposal writing, advocacy and networking.