In Branch News

A few words from supporters of The Branch Foundation

Chris Henderson- “At a time when our calls for decisive action in Burma seem to fall on deaf ears, and sanctions further provoke the junta to lash out against the powerless, it is only natural to support a grass-roots organisation with the courage and strategy to make positive and lasting change; if only our so-called leaders had that courage to do the same.”

Greg Wild- “What you are doing is deeply noble. I’m sure that you will get as much out of what you doing as the children you are doing it for.”

Dr. Susan Farrelly- “I am wholeheartedly in support of this project- the need is aching and obvious. Any project aiming to address these results of political inequity in which children are inevitably the victims, deserves all our support.”

Nick Braxton- “I’m massively impressed by the work that the Branch Foundation has been able to do, it’s a real testament to the dedication of the unpaid people that make it happen. Keep up the fantastic work!” 

Johanna Ludemann-Ravit- “The branch foundation was built from a warm loving person and her crew to help others. Thats how it should be: having an amazing idea and courage and turning it into action. Great work and good luck!”