The Branch Foundation has been actively supporting education development in the Shan Refugee Camp (Koung Jor) since 2010. We currently support stipends for Education Director/Project Coordinator Sai Oo and the computer teacher, educational materials and school uniforms. We are committed to providing teacher mentoring and extracurricular activity training at the Camp, specifically in subjects like breakdancing and arts/crafts. We believe education is vital for the future of the community and will continue to work in partnership with the Shan Camp towards sustainable community development.

Written by Sai Oo – Project Coordinator (Koung Jor)

Education is essential for everyone including the refugees at Koung Jor Shan refugee camp. In order to bring about real achievement and progression, the projects currently running in the camp are based on the needs of people. The community committee brought the issues regarding education to the wider community in order to find out the priorities. This meant that everyone had a fair say in what is best for both their families and the refugee camp as a whole. The projects deemed most important were English teaching, computer training and general educational support.

There are now two types of English classes – one for the children studying in the evening after their day school and the other for adults who previously had no opportunity to progress further than primary level due to the lack of opportunities in their homeland. The children can get official certificates from Thai school to further their education. With the help of the evening English classes, twelve youths got into migrant higher education in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot between 2010 and 2012.

The computer training is for the 207 children in the camp so they can study after school, providing them with a means to practice what they’ve learned in school and improve on their skills. These lessons proved to be very successful with many of the students ranking top of their class in the local school.

In addition to academic progress, the education projects within Koung Jor promote community development. Five students, whilst studying, are also helping at Koung Jor and other Shan communities. For instance, Sai Tee, Sai Tun Yee and Nang Mwe Leang are working for community development in the camp at the present.

We wish for all future education projects to help contribute to a better community for the society. The people in the camp and neighboring villages already see the positive outcomes of the projects in the camp, such as their children’s improvement with the English language.

I personally believe these projects are very important for the long-term development of my community, as they are the main tools to give everyone the chance to live up to their full potential.

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