Half of the Koung Jor community are children and whilst some were born in Burma and fled with their parents, others were born in Thailand. For many students, mastering the English language is one of their major goals as they would like to become English teachers, however there are also other career paths of interest. 19 year old Shwe Lu dreams of becoming a nurse to ease the suffering of people and wants to  “make them be healthy”. Noom Hseng dreams of becoming a musician, but also wants to find all the solutions for “each problem or each danger” to return the favor for what she has received living at the camp.

At the camp students learn about the importance of living together and the values of sharing, respecting and caring for each other. Sai Pom Hom feels “safe” and “warm” at the camp because everyone lives together and can share their problems. As for Pas Hom, he likes living in Koung Jor Camp. Although he recognises that sometimes the camp lacks basic things that would make his life more comfortable, Pas Hom appreciates that he can learn English, Shan and Burmese languages and dreams of one day helping the younger Shan generation.

Foreword by Joana Jacome – Communications Coordinator – The Branch Foundation

My name is Shwe Lu Loung-Jarm. I am 19 years old. I have one brother but I do not have a sister. My brother’s name is Aung Kham. My mother’s name is Jar and My father’s name is Lor. I studied at Ban Piang Luang School and I have finished Ban Piang Luang School Grade 9.

I come from Shan State. Before I lived in Shan State I was not happy because, in Shan State situation is unsteady and uncouperation. Then I came to the Thai land and I live in the camp for 6 years. The camp is very comfortable and the camp gives me everything. I think studying is very important for me because, the studying gives me everything. For example: I get new information modern and political.

I think learning is important for everyone because, education provides everything. In my future I want to be a nurse because, the nurse can help people in the world. If the people suffer, the nurse can help them. If the people in my village has a patient the nurse can help or give a medication for people. So, a nurse can be famous in the world. Then I opportunity I want to help out side the camp and help people in the world and to make them to be healthy.

My name is Noom Hseng. I am 15 years old. I attend in Lah Taeng- school. I like to play guitar in my free time. I want to be a musician in my future. I do not live with my family because they are in Shan State but I live in Thailand. Now, I live in Koung Jor refugee camp in Thailand.

I come from Shan State, Burma. I was born in Moung Nai. In my childhood, I did not live with my parents because I mother was die when I was two years. So, I lived with my grand-parents since my mother dead to I was twelve years. Later my aunt took me to Thailand at Koung Jor camp.

I have been at Koung Jor camp about three years. The reason why aunt took me the camp because is the place of education and for chance of human right. Since, I have been in the camp, every evening I have to study english. One time of the week I have to learn computer. Every sunday in the morning, all of the students have to go to pay respect to the Buddha. So, it is the best place to me and the other people.

Even though, the camp is not the modern place but it is the public place for all people. We have only one television for all to watch together. We watch TV at the night more than day because when the morning alot of people go to work and the children go to school. To open the chanel, we depend on the major camp group. Every month, we have the meeting to share the problems and to do activities together.

Koung Jor camp is very important for less chance people and the children like me. The education is good for all students. I have the knowledge and good chance from there.

If I leave from the camp and live at the another place. I will come back to develop this camp. If my english is better than now, I will come to teach the children. Make training for the villagers, for each problem or each danger such as drug. So that I will never forget the favor of the Koung Jor refugee camp.

My name is Sai Pom Hom. I am 18 years old. I was born in Shan State near the Thai border. There are 8 people in my family. I am attending in grade 11 at Wianghang Wittayakom School. I have eyes problem. My hobbies are listening to the music and play sports.

I come from Shan State since 2002 and I have been living at the camp for 12 years. I feel safe and warm about living here because everybody help each other. We love each other, so we can pass many problems and we are here. I love this camp, I and my friend made a small group to develop this camp, for example collect wastes in the camp, clean the temple, clean the classroom 2 or 3 times a month. I am teaching computer for 30 students in the evening after my English class in the camp everyday and I also teaching Shan language every summer.

Learning is very important for me and everyone because everyone need the basic factor in their lives, me too! Learning teach me to get basic factor. I would like to be a teacher, I want to teach students in the camp, and in Shan State, I want to teach them to be able good people in their future.

My name is Pas Hom. I am fifteen years old. There are four people in my family. My mother name is Jing Oa. My father name is Loung Saw. My younger brother name is Sai Led. My younger brother and I are studying in Lak Teang school. I am learning in Prathem 6 and I am learning English in grade 9. In my free time I like to read a cartoon book and cooking.

I come from Shan State. I have been living in Koung Jor camp for 4 years. I am very happy with living here because I have a lot of friends. If I have to choose between living here and other place, I will choose to live here because even though here is not comfortable in many things such as no electricity. but I can learn many things such as knowledge and experience from here. I know how to stay with many kinds of people and I have gained many languages such as Shan, English and Burmese. More over I can bring all of these to come and use in the future by myself.

In my opinion, our future depends on what we are doing today. So I am really interested learning especially Shan and English. Because Shan is my native language and English in international language that everyone should learn. The reason that I really want to learn English is I want to be able to communicate with different people and I would like to help our new Shan generation by being an English teacher in the future. Because I really hope that they will be able to understand and use it in effective ways.

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