Capacity Building @ Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp

The Branch Foundation has been working with the inspiring community at Koung Jor Shan refugee camp since 2009. Koung Jor, which is located on the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border is home to over 500 people who have fled violence and persecution.

The goal of this project is to give community members direct access to individual donors via the means of online crowdsourcing platforms, social media and photography/video. By achieving this goal, not only will we ensure a voice for marginalised communities but will also lessen the need, and therefore the necessary overhead costs, of an actively involved middleman (NGOs, CBOs etc.). Essentially, we are hoping to provide a platform from which communities can speak directly to a worldwide audience and are also able to generate funding for important community projects such as helping the youth obtain an education and for their families to generate an income.

Capacity Building Newsletter Pic 2

Capacity Building Newsletter Pic 5

The workshops will include topics such as:

– Fund/Crowd sourcing websites: GlobalGiving etc

– Photography/Videography: Tips on producing compelling videos

– Post production software i.e. Photoshop & video editing

– How to host videos online

– Social Media: Identifying which social media platforms would be effective for advocacy

– How to use a website to increase awareness of community projects

– Other means of communications, i.e. MailChimp

We need your support to help us fund these innovative and worthwhile workshops! Please donate either through our donation page or via the PayPal link below.