Joe Gayeski, Scotland:
“Any university student interested in a career in the third sector understands the importance of gaining meaningful work experience in the field. TBF’s Internship Placement Service provided that experience, and allowed me to develop a skillset transferable to any NGO working internationally.
Through writing and editing publications, my placement put my marketing and PR background to the test in a bilingual office. My work honed a valuable skill in cross-cultural communication, an asset that I will draw upon throughout my career. I would strongly recommend TBF’s Internship Placement Service to anyone seeking a mutually constructive position within a community-based organisation.”
Scott Faulkner, New Zealand:
“After finishing my Psychology degree, I came to Thailand looking to gain a bit of insight into the non-profit sector. The Branch Foundation helped me hit the ground running! With their help I was quickly offered the opportunity to work with Arteca Onlus in their children’s performing arts and art therapy programme.
Not only did I get the chance to work in Sangkhlaburi, I was also afforded the opportunity to visit many of the other organisations there – to see them in action and to meet the people behind them. This was perhaps the most valuable part of the experience for me. It was something I was only able to do thanks to The Branch Foundation’s strong connections in the community and continuous willingness to help me in this endeavour. I frequently look back on this time in my life with great fondness– it is an experience I would recommend to anyone.”
Shonali Banerjee, USA:
“After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University, I began pursuing a career in global development.  I participated in various internships programs with nonprofit organisations in Washington, DC and was an In-The-Field Representative in Morocco with the GlobalGiving Foundation.  After numerous friends and colleagues recommended volunteering with The Branch Foundation, I relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand and began my volunteer position with the incredible team here.
Over the course of my internship, The Branch Foundation team has been nothing short of extraordinary.  They are supportive, encouraging and innovative.  I am both challenged and impassioned by the work I do every day, and can truly see the impact the organisation makes in the region.  The Branch Foundation works with many local partner organsations and has glowing reputation throughout South-East Asia.  It has been my privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated team!”

Melissa Brobst, USA:

“After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in the United States, I was ready to begin my career abroad. I had passed the classes, finished the internships, and completed 100 hours of training. I packed my bags and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I was introduced to The Branch Foundation team and began volunteering through their organisation.  I led a workshop on writing CVs/resumes, cover letters, and personal statements to Burmese migrant students who are applying to university. The success of the workshop, and my volunteer position, would not have been possible without the help of The Branch Foundation. Each team member’s hard work, dedication, and complete confidence in me led to the success I had with the students. It has truly been an honor to work for such an inspirational organisation and I hope to continue to volunteer with them in the future!”

Kate Harford, Australia:

“As a recent graduate seeking a career in International Development, I was drawn to the internship program offered by The Branch Foundation. What appealed to me most was the fact that I could tailor my internship to the interests that I had, and the skills that I wanted to hone for the duration of my placement.

My desire to focus on the financial sphere of NGO work (fundraising/grant writing/profit-for-purpose) meant that I was placed in the The Branch Foundation office. Since completing my internship, the expectations of what I had hoped to achieve from my placement have been surpassed. Working within such a dynamic grassroots organisation was an incredibly insightful experience. This, combined with the way I have been able to experience the culture through working and living in the local community, has meant that I feel I have had a realistic experience of the life of an International Development worker. By interning through The Branch Foundation, I have gained clarity about the route I would like to take in my career.  But most importantly, I now have the skills and experience to enrich my CV to make this career a reality.”