Internship Placement Service

Through the Branch Services Internship Placement Service (IPS), an applicant will have the opportunity to be placed in a tailored internship with a grassroots organisation, one that is mutually beneficial for both the intern and the host charity. Through the application process, which includes a written personal statement, the IPS Team will gain a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s interests, strengths and valuable skills. The IPS Team will then match the applicant with a local organisation that is the best fit. Through this matching process, the IPS Team will facilitate an active dialogue between the applicant and the host organisation, ensuring the satisfaction of both parties before commencing the placement.

An internship facilitated by IPS offers an effective way to gain in-field experience to enrich an intern’s CV (effectively making the intern more employable in the field of International Development). Through these tailored internships, the intern will make a personal impact on small, grassroots organisations who are looking for the next generation of enthusiastic and motivated Development workers to help drive change. Due to the limited number of placements IPS can offer, competition is very high, and as such IPS seeks the brightest and most enthusiastic individuals seeking a head start in an International Development career. Each applicant must complete and submit our Application Documents and provide the set service fee amount to The Branch Foundation before their placement begins. Please consult the Application Pack for a full list of eligibility requirements and application documents.

Organisations require a whole host of skill sets to run effectively. Branch Services Internship Placements can be in any area including but not exclusive to Education, Human Rights, Development, Health and Environmental Issues; and require an array of skill sets such as:

  • Research & Advocacy
  • Online Communications
  • Technical & IT skills
  • Project Management
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Human Resources and Capacity Building


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If your organisation is interested in receiving interns through IPS, please contact: