Consultancy Services

The Branch Services Team provides a wide variety of consultation services and has years of invaluable nonprofit experience. We offer consultation for service-learning based trips, organisational development/capacity building, and project management.  Members of the Branch Services Team have previously consulted for fellow grassroots organisations, large-scale voluntourism companies and schools pursuing service-learning academic programs. Please see below for more information about the fields in which we offer consultation.

Do not hesitate to contact if you are interested in discussing our consultation services.

*Hourly consultation rates are determined on a case by case basis.

Branch Services Consultation Areas

Service-Learning Based Trips

Many progressive schools and universities worldwide have pursued service-based trips to enhance students’ understanding of global issues and peak their interest in community development. Branch Services consultants look to help facilitate these vital trips through the following services: Logistical Planning, Location Placement, Ethical Best Practices and Cultural Inductions.

Organisational Development

Members of the Branch Services Team have an in-depth understanding of how challenging it can be to expand the capacity of a nonprofit organisation. Based on experience, our consultants offer organisational development support in the following areas: Starting a Nonprofit Organisation, Online Fundraising/Donor Retention and Online Communications.

Project Management

Designing and implementing well-rounded, sustainable development projects is essential for the success of any nonprofit organisation. Branch Services consultants have spent years working on innovative, transparent projects, and can share their expertise in the following fields: Research Methodology, Project Development and Reporting Best Practices.