Branch Services

The Branch Foundation’s Venture that Places Skilled Interns with Host Organisations and Provides Consultation Services

Internship Placement

A career in International Development is notoriously hard to navigate, given the intense competition and global nature of the work force.  For good reason, NGOs favour candidates who have proven academic and professional experience. Through partnerships with a wide range of local grassroots organisations in Thailand and along the Thai-Burma Border, TBF has developed the Branch Services Internship Placement Services (IPS). IPS aims to provide in-field experience by matching qualified applicants with host organisations, creating a tailored internship that matches the individual’s skill set with the host organisation’s needs.


Branch Services additionally offers a full array of Consultation Services. The Branch Services Team has previously consulted for a wide range of clients from fellow not-for-profit organisations to international tourism companies. Branch Services offers consultation in 3 main areas: Service- learning based trips, organisational development and capacity building, and project management. For a more comprehensive description of the Branch Services consultation areas, see here.