The Branch Foundation was founded in July 2007. We are a small yet highly motivated and passionate New Zealand based not-for-profit international organisation.  As an International fundraiser, we support local organisations to provide aid and financial assistance for ethnic minorities, refugees, and underprivileged people. We work with organisations that are outside the scope of main humanitarian

The Branch Foundation Gift Card Range 2010-2011

Below is a preview of The Branch Foundation’s gift card range which we will be producing annually highlighting the year’s activities with our partner organisations:                     These cards will be available at the forthcoming Grey Lynn Festival in New Zealand on the 20th November 2010 and

A few words from supporters of The Branch Foundation

Chris Henderson- “At a time when our calls for decisive action in Burma seem to fall on deaf ears, and sanctions further provoke the junta to lash out against the powerless, it is only natural to support a grass-roots organisation with the courage and strategy to make positive and lasting change; if only our so-called