About Us

Our Mission

The Branch Foundation aims to work alongside marginalized communities in Southeast Asia to support sustainable community development through education, capacity building and renewable energy solutions.

Our Vision

Cohesive Southeast Asian communities empowered to be self-reliant and able to participate in opportunities available in the wider community around them.

Our Focus Areas


Creating opportunities for the younger generation through academic and extra-curricular activities so that they can realise their full potential.

Capacity Building

Working in partnership with local communities by providing them with tools and training that promote self-sufficiency.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Ensuring reliable access to sustainable energy in a world of diminishing resources.

Where We Work

The Branch Foundation focuses it’s efforts in Southeast Asia. Over the years, we have implemented projects in the following countries:




What Sets Us Apart

  • We are a small engaged organisation and regularly visit the communities with which we work
  • We have a ‘work with’ instead of ‘work for’ philosophy
  • Sustainability and non-aid reliance are our measures of success
  • We are fully committed to transparency and accountability
  • We actively seek marginalized communities who have been overlooked