7 Ways You Can Make A Difference

DONATE: We are always grateful to receive any financial contributions towards our many projects. If you haven’t seen our recently updated donation page, you can find it here! Contrary to popular belief, giving money isn’t the only way to donate.  Contributing time towards TBF’s causes (options below!) is often just as important as any monetary amount.

ADVOCATE: Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to spread news about social causes.  If we’re working on a project or promoting a campaign that you feel passionately about, please feel free to share that information with your network and community!  
CONNECT: At TBF, we’re always looking to connect with new people and organisations. Do you know any like-minded individuals, charities, or philanthropic groups? We’d love to get in touch with them! To share your connections with our team at TBF, please contact TBF’s Co-Director/ Project Manager Tom Rosen at tomrosen@thebranchfoundation.org.
ENGAGE: As a grassroots organisation working directly with local communities, we’re constantly in touch with our staff and partners on the ground. We’re looking forward to being in touch with you too! If you ever have any questions about our projects or want to learn more about our work, please reach out to our staff at info@thebranchfoundation.org.

FOLLOW: Did you know that we’re pretty active on social media? It’s one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on what’s going on at TBF. Follow us here on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

FUNDRAISE: As a small charity, we’re always looking to reach new people.  One key way you can help us achieve this goal is by helping us fundraise! Create an online fundraising page through our friends at GlobalGiving, host a dinner party, or simply reach out to your network during one of our campaigns. We’ve got a fundraising pack here that can help you get started. No contribution is too small!

VOLUNTEER: Since 2007, TBF’s volunteer community has spanned entire continents.  We pride ourselves on having a truly diverse and international volunteer base.  We bring in new volunteers with a range of skill sets each year; some assist us remotely while others have come to work in our Chiang Mai office/education centre. If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities with us at TBF, please contact our Executive Director Iona Proebst at ionaproebst@thebranchfoundation.org.