The Branch Foundation’s Education Center @ Chiang Mai City

The Branch Foundation launched its Education Center based in Chiang Mai, Thailand in July 2011.  After meeting with many local communities and non-profit organisations, The Branch Foundation team identified the need to offer soft-skills development.  This service had not been previously provided, so we created the Education Center to focus on workshops, education, and practical training. Although coordinated from Chiang Mai, the Education Center focuses on outreach education throughout marginalized communities in South-East Asia.

In-House Programs

The Education Center coordinates a diverse set of in-house programs.  It offers Soft Skills training in education/career development, CV writing, scholarship applications,  and mentoring.  We also provide personal support in Life Skills in the areas of personal organisation, motivation, and confidence building. The Education Center is also a base to manage workshops on organisational development, research and advocacy.

Outreach Programs

The Branch Foundation Education Center puts a strong emphasis on community outreach programs. Through the Education Center, we coordinate guest teachers and teaching mentors as well as provide education materials, school uniforms and stipends for teachers within the local communities. We also lead localized trainings in income generation and extracurricular activities such as art and breakdancing.

Our current outreach education projects are at the Shan Refugee Camp on the Thai-Burma border and in Cambodia.